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INSTRUCTOR: "Writing 1985+"

"Writing: 1985 Plus" is the title of my writing course because 1985 was my first professional byline and the "plus" is for all the genres and writing credits since (two plays and two books and working on a third book). Each weekly class is a 90-minute session devoted to a particular topic as follows: "Novels", "Writing Businesses", "Nonfiction" and "Playwriting". Each session also includes a portion of what I term "What It Was Like" . . . to write for a major publisher, to write a weekly newspaper column, to have our play performed onstage, my first book signing, having a book in a library (and checking it out!), etc. Classes began in August, 2016 (and was featured in the Union-Tribune Newspaper and The Coast News Calendar. In addition, a presentation was given at the San Marcos Branch of the San Diego County Library). Classes begin again in March (dates, times and locales in Vista, California to be announced after March 20. And there is a possibility that classes will eventually be conducted online).

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