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SECOND ANNUAL EL CAJON WESTERN ART FESTIVAL, 1986. I co-wrote the literature for this art festival featuring such artists as Chuck Ren and his nationally acclaimed "Winter of '41", depicting the plight of the Crowe Indians in the mid-1800's. We also focused on my favorite western artist, the late Olaf Wieghorst, whose original painting, "Partners" (picturing a Navajo brave and his wife and baby on horseback), sold in the mid-80's to the then President Ronald Reagan for over $500,000. Mr. Wieghorst liked what we wrote about him so much he gave us a small lithograph of his latest work (he always portrayed the Navajo and painstakingly painted the muscular features of their horses: which he had studied the anatomy of these animals in order to do justice to them in his artwork).

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